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We provide experienced staff only, as we believe it to be of paramount importance.

About Us

Our Vision


Venue Of Joy was established to provide an essential service to the Hospitality Industry. We provide skilled and professional staff for all catering and event's needs. Venue Of Joy was formed with the aim of transforming services in the hospitality industry. We are committed to delivering of quality professional services that is second to none.


Venue Of Joy believes and upholds the view that it's most valuable assets are its Human Resources. Therefore we adopt a performance appraisal system that is aimed at maintaining high levels of proessionalism and constantly, as well as installing a sense of purpose to duty and pride in all our staff.

We at Venue Of Joy are at this stage offering Barman, Waiters, Runners, Cleaners and Set-up Staff. Through our success we have broaden our field and touch on every aspect related to staff in the hospitality industry. We will open a staff training facility which will provide training to the aforementioned and provide for training courses in management and that of chefs.


Our Mission


Our aim is to deliver trained and proessional staff and to guarantee our service through the provision of service level agreement. 



All our staff, be it Barmen or Waiters undergo three weeks of training at our onsite training facilities. Our staff are coached in service excellence rom start to finish and so to be intimately familiar with all aspects of professional and deep knowledge demand in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Skills Testing


Upon completion of the three week training course, we enter our staff into the testing phase, where we deal ith scenarios and effeciency in practice.